The Quadcopter Hubsan X4 H502S Review


250 m Control Range

150 min Recharge

12 min Flight Time

720p Camera

For all you first-time drone pilots out there, here is an amazing drone you should go and check out. Drones can help you take breathtaking landscape pictures and film to capture those important moments. In fact, if you are a photographer hoping to advance your career, acquiring a drone is no longer a matter of choice but a necessity. The aim of this Hubsan X4 H502S review is to guide you so that you can make informed decision when buying a drone.

Hubsan H502s is one of the very many amazing hi-tech quadcopters from the X4 series by Hubsan, one of the more well-known drone makers. After the release of its first set of aerial vehicles, one area Hubsan has carved a niche for itself lies in their product’s ability to switch between both indoor and outdoor uses, helping the Chinese drone maker to compete against other industry giants. Released shortly after H501S, Hubsan H502S is one of the flagship easy-to-fly drones from Hubsan. Its specs are slightly below those of H501S. But considering the price and the features, buying this drone isn’t such a bad idea.

The design is minimalistic and modern without too many details. The build quality is good, despite its very light weight. It is also possible to replace the motors easily given the easy access in the frame.

The Hubsan H502S doesn’t have any landing feet. Therefore, you must be cautious not to allow it to land on slopes to prevent damage.

This drone has the following features:

Headless mode – If you lose orientation of this drone, activate this mode to make the drone fly relative to you, regardless of which way it is pointing.

GPS navigation – Usually not available on drones this size. This increases the reliability, and adds autonomous flight modes.

Altitude hold – Activating this mode will make the drone fly at a fixed height, using its barometric sensors. Now you can focus on the camera and grab some great shots.

RTH (Return to Home) function – If you lose control, or contact with your drone you may lose your aircraft. Press the one button automatic return to home, and your drone will automatically return to you.

Follow me function – Use this function to record yourself while you are biking, running or doing something very cool.

Hubsan X4 H502S Review

Pros and Cons

Altitude Hold

Baraometric sensors keep the drone flying at a fixed height.

GPS Navigation

Modern satellite navigation used for GPS guidance.

FPV Video Feed

Live stream the video feed as you fly your drone.


Price: $123.99
Price Disclaimer

Brushed Motors

Brushed motors provide flight power, but wear out sooner.

Simple 720p Camera

The camera is of decent quality, but could be better.

Low FPV fps

The video feed is great for FPV but could stand to be faster.



One factor that drone pilots always look out for when they are about to buy a new drone is their ability to have full control over their drone. Well, Hubsan understands this, which explains why the Hubsan H502 offers a 4.3” LCD screen and a resolution of 640px x 480px. In fact, that screen enables you to clearly see key information like GPS positioning system, battery voltage, altitude, current pitch, heading, local velocity, allowing you make informed decisions as you fly the Hubsan H502S.

With the headless mode function, you wouldn’t have to adjust the position of the drone before flying it. In addition, the key return and follow-me functions make its return to takeoff point easy. The quadcopter also has an H910A remote for effective control of the drone and a control range of roughly 250m.


Aside from control, another feature that is worthy of mention is its camera. The camera is an important component because it captures all landscape pictures as well as record those amazing videos seamlessly. To this end, Hubsan H502S offers 2MP, inbuilt 720PHD camera. Also, to provide you with enough storage for saving video footage and updates, the drone has a micro SD card slot. This drone is designed with 8.5GHz wireless video transmission and 2.4GHz FPV (First Person View) transmitter which enables the vehicle to transmit, in real-time, very sharp images and stable videos even when it’s far away in the sky.


Hubsan X4 H502S Review Video


Flight Time and Range

This drone has a 7.4V (2S) 610 mAh Li-Po Battery of 35g, which enables the aircraft to fly for approximately 13 minutes. Of course, if you fly more aggressively, then your flight time will reduce.

This drone has a decent flight range. You can fly this drone out to a distance of 250 meters, but if you are using the FPV mode, then the range reduces to about 130 to 150 meters. At these distances you may lose sight of the drone, but the return to home feature supported by GPS will allow you to safely bring your drone home.

Hubsan X4 H502S Summary

As the aerial aircraft maker, Hubsan, continues to compete for market share with established names like DJI, a lot of tech wizardry needs to be explored. Hubsan H502S offers some amazing features which beginners may love especially considering the follow-me function and its price.

This Hubsan H502S review tries to reveal the most important aspects of the drone you just need to pay attention to before you purchase this drone.


Hubsan X4 H502S

Perfect Advanced Drone

Price: $123.99
Price Disclaimer

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