The Quadcopter JJRC H37 Review


100 m Control Range

1 hour Recharge

15 min Flight Time

0.3MP WIFI Camera

Drones have already become quite popular among the hobbyists. Featuring affordable price tags and smaller sizes, these intelligent gadgets are rapidly gaining popularity. The JJRC H37 continues the same tradition by featuring a compact size, automated functionalities, and an affordable price tag. In fact, JJRC H37 is even smaller than your super-sized smartphone/tablets. This JJRC H37 review serves to provide you with all of the features of this amazing little drone.

It’s a foldable pocket drone that can be used to capture amazing selfies. Despite its compact size, it is fully packed with a bunch of amazing features, such as high definition camera, WiFi FPV, headless mode, and much more.

Portable Design

This drone is extremely lightweight. As mentioned earlier, it’s a foldable, portable, and pocket-sized drone that is easy to carry. You can conveniently store/carry this device in your pockets, travel seamlessly and take unforgettable selfies. The actual dimension of this drone is 11.3 x 5.7 x 3cm. And, when it is folded, it becomes even smaller than your tablet.

Note, the product comes with a dust-proof and waterproof protective case. This carrying case offers a good protection to your drone (protects it from dirt, dust, grime, and damages) when you are enjoying outdoor trips.

JJRC H37 Review

Pros and Cons

Extremely Portable

This drone folds up so you can slip it into your pocket.

Altitude Hold

Barometric sensors let you set the altitude and focus on the camera.

Adjustable Camera Angle

Set the camera angle for the perfect view as you fly.


Price: $48.95
Price Disclaimer

No Separate Controller

Use your smartphone as the controller for this drone.

Low Resolution Camera

So you don’t get 4K resolution, but you’ll be happy with the results.

Limited Control Range

This is a selfie drone, so who cares if it can’t go out for kilometers.


Color Options

This advanced drone comes with multiple color options. For example, this mini consumer drone is available in lovely pink color which can be a perfect gift for your female friends and family members. Another color option of this drone includes vibrant black that looks very classy and elegant.

Capture Unforgettable Moments

Are you looking forward to capturing unforgettable moments? If yes, then this gadget will be worth your investment. This lightweight, portable, and foldable drone is specifically designed to take selfies. The drone is small-sized yet it comes with a unique controller and it can capture high-resolution photographs with optimum clarity and resolution.

Affordable Selfie Drone

This drone is widely considered to be the best low-cost selfie drone. The product comes with an affordable price tag. Despite its cheap price tag, the gadget can perfectly capture amazing selfies.

Smart Phone Control

This drone comes with a remote control ability that uses an app installed on your smartphone. It has a built-in support for WiFi connection. The WiFi connection between your smartphone and drone camera will enable you to remotely control the device. Next, you are ready to fly this advanced drone in any direction, capture wonderful pictures, and flaunt your photography skill.

HD Camera

This drone is designed to let you capture lifelike pictures and record real-time wonderful moments. For this purpose, it is packed with a 720P high-definition camera. This powerful HD camera is ideal for capturing high-quality photos.

This drone will give you many options to capture that perfect selfie. For example, this drone comes with a “Forward/Backward” setting option that allows fine-tuning the vision system before you let it capture a photograph of you. Other fine-tuning options include left/right rotation fine tuning and left/right side fly fine tuning.


JJRC H37 Review Video


Extra Features

This drone is packed with five advanced functions (as described below). Each of these functions is dedicated to making your photography, selfie-capturing, and drone-flying experience more fun and exciting.

Altitude Hold – This is an innovative feature that has been introduced into this compact-sized advanced drone. When altitude hold mode is enabled, the drone is automatically forced to maintain its current altitude.

Altitude hold mode even allows the users to manually control and adjust the roll, pitch, and lean angles settings without changing the current altitude. In this way, altitude hold mode offers steadier hovering and allows to take clearer images.

3D Rolls and Flips – This advanced drone comes with a 360-degree rolling function. This function enables 3D rolls and flips so that your drone can easily roll and flip at various angles. This feature also allows precise positioning and agile movement.

6-axis Gyro – The drone is integrated with high-performance 6-axis gyroscope self-stabilization technology. This feature is mainly used to measure or maintain the angular velocity and orientation. These special properties make them an important part of all advanced drones that come with advanced navigation system.

Gyro stabilization technology is considered to be one of the core components that offers JJRC H37 drone smooth flight capabilities. Other than that, the gyroscope provides necessary navigational information to its central controller.

Headless Mode – This is a truly innovative feature that has been incorporated into this drone. With headless mode, you will be allowed to fly your drone without knowing its direction. Headless modes make the drone easier to control and easier to fly.

When this mode is enabled, the built-in drone computer will always align the drone movements to be relative to its controller. Hence, it doesn’t matter which ways your drone’s forward direction is pointing. When you’re pushing forward, the drone will move forward that’s relative to your direction.

Video/Selfie – This drone features a high-quality light-sensitive sensor that allows it to capture selfie photographs and videos. To power on this device, simply use the power button that is located on its top. It is pretty much visible and easy to access. During night flights, the user will be guided by its two white LEDs (located in front of the device) and two red LEDs (located in the rear part of the device).

Flight Time and Range

This drone is powered by a 3.7 Volt 500 mAH battery that will provide you with about 7 minutes of flight time. The battery will take 2 hours to charge. Since this is a smaller drone, the control range is only 40 meters. However, its designed to take selfies to the control range is sufficient for this task.

JJRC H37 Review Summary

This article provided you with the JJRC H37 review. This drone is innovative, affordable, and portable pocket drone. Considering its high-definition built-in camera, 6-axis gyroscope, headless mode, and seamless remote-control facility, this foldable pocket-sized drone is really worth your investment. The compact design of this drone allows you to slip it into your pocket and take it everywhere you go.


JJRC H37 Drone

Portable Flying Technology

Price: $48.95
Price Disclaimer

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