The Quadcopter JXD 509G Review


300m Control Range

1 hour Recharge

8 min Flight Time

2MP Camera

Drone technology has changed how we take pictures, gather information and deliver packages and. This technology has allowed us to explore inaccessible areas. They have made exploration and monitoring much easier. Areas of application include geographic mapping, safety inspection, crop monitoring, disaster management, journalism, among others. They are gaining popularity and are expected to be main exploration and transportation vehicles in the future.

There are multiple models in the market with different capabilities. JXD 509g is one of the top models available in the market. It excels in aerial photography, precision flying, and aesthetics. Top features include its high altitude, quality camera, and an LCD receiver. The unit features a barometer which measures air pressure while maintaining altitude. It provides several hours of flight time. This affordable model is also easy to control. The propeller design provides impeccable stability. Below are product features and descriptions.


This model has adopted an elongated design with a sleek shape. It is less bulky than most drones in the same category. It is designed with rings which protect the drone against collisions and crash landings. The material design gives the drone a very solid feel and guarantees durability. The material is designed to bend upon crashing thus preventing parts from breaking. An FPV screen and a hood are also incorporated to block out sun glare.

The design is meant to work around air thus making it more stable. It has little drag given its aerodynamic design. Propellers are placed in a symmetrical and rectangular configuration. This provides the drone with additional lift and forward acceleration. Propeller units are placed near the periphery. This is meant to provide more stability while flying at high altitudes. A camera with a less bulky body is placed at the front.

JXD 509G Review

Pros and Cons

High Agility

This drone is highly responsive and flies well.

Solid Construction

Solid construction using durable materials and finishing.

Responsive Flight

The advanced sensors and guidance control ensures stable flight.

Price: N/A
Price Disclaimer

Short Flight Time

The flight time could be better, but the batter does its job.

Affected by winds.

The JXD 509G is a bit smaller, so is more affected by winds.

Low Control Range

The drone control range could be imrpoved.

Battery and Flight Time

JXD 509g quad-copter comes with a 3.7V 600mAh Li-Po battery which takes only 1 hour to charge. It lasts between 9 and 10 minutes while transmitting real-time video. This drone is operated using an on/off switch thus eliminating the need to open the battery cover. The battery also powers colorful LED lights which allow you to fly in the dark.


A 2 MP and 720p resolution is perfect for standard use but can be upgraded for more demanding tasks. It has a considerable amount of “jello” effect which allows you to record quality videos. It also features an LCD screen which displays quality live videos. Jxd 509g2MP camera is well calibrated to take mid-flight images and videos while zooming. The camera can be tilted up to 20 degrees. You can be able to see images and videos in real time as it flies around.
The camera on the front is more useful for people looking for exceptional shots at difficult angles. It also capable of taking nice shots in areas with poor flight conditions. You can capture perfect fly-by images and videos. Images and films can be recorded using a 4 GB Micro-SD card.


This model features a 5.8 GHz controller with a video monitor and phone-clip choices. The video monitor synchronizes perfectly with the camera. This provides you with sharper images and reliable feedback. Directional controls are placed at the top and bottom. You can control the drone easily using the pinching technique. Proper calibration and responsive checks are necessary. This is a simple controller which feels like a remote control. However, it does not affect flight performance.

You don’t need to bind the drone to the controller when flying the drone. However, binding is required for the camera to be turned on. The idle buttons are used to spin the rotors when the drone is ready for use. Lift-offs are smooth and very controllable. The left joystick of the controller is used to stop rotors from spinning after you crush the drone. The drone comes with a headless mode and three rate modes.


JXD 509G Review Video


Flight Performance

It performs well at high altitudes. The onboard barometer senses and records altitude. This smart drone proceeds to lock itself at the given height thus making it stable. The altitude hold works in conjunction with the 6 axis gyros. The body offers great aerodynamics thus allowing the JXD 509G to move freely through the air. Propellers are well balanced and sturdy thus allowing the drone to move easily in areas with strong wind.

JXD 509G allows you to fly in full FPV over 80 meters. The flying range is nearly 120 meters when you disable the FPV transmission. Ten minutes of flight allow you to capture more details. It has a very agile movement even in areas with rough winds. It allows you to perform controller tricks easily.

This drone comes with many options to maneuver including a one-button return function and an extended flight mode. It can hover easily while flying at a considerable height.

The 6 axis gyros allow you to perform a 360 degrees air trick. It is a very agile model with the ability to perform barrel rolls and loops. You can perform these tricks when filming at a greater signal range.


The package also comes with two USB charging cables. Special screwdrivers are provided for maintenance purposes. It comes with 4 protective rings meant for propellers. There are also set of instructions for installation and disassembly purposes.

JXD 509G Review Summary

This drone offers exceptional flight performance when adjusted properly and calibrated correctly. The design is aerodynamic, sleek and attractive. It is durable and can withstand minor crashes. The propeller units are well configured thus providing stability. It comes with a dedicated camera and seamless recording buttons. The wireless control allows you to control the drone from afar.

The drone is very stable and you don’t need to worry about altitude. The controller makes this model easier to fly. Its battery takes time to charge but lasts longer. The camera comes with a stand resolution and takes images at tight angles. It captures quality videos even in areas with strong winds. This drone is very agile and has a good range. The controller is easy to use. It also comes with enough accessories. This is a great model for fun and professional use.


JXD 509G

Affordable FPV Quadcopter

Price: N/A
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