The Quadcopter Sky Viper Review


100 m Control Range

1 hour Recharge

18 min Flight Time

VGA Camera

The Sky Viper drone is a hi-tech gadget for hardcore photographers and recreational fliers. It’s smarter and easy to use than the average drone thanks to the brilliant engineering. What’s more, no FAA registration is required since all Sky Viper drones are lightweight. The newest addition to the Sky Viper lineup is the Sky Viper GPS streaming drone. If you want to show your stunt skills in the air, then this is the best drone for you. Let me walk you through the Sky Viper review in details.

Drone Design

The Sky Viper has the agility that far exceeds its small size. It features four rotors. Each is mounted on a cylindrical foot which keeps the drone a few inches off the ground when not in flight. Besides that, the rotors are fitted with numerous sensors that maintain the stability of the drone.

The re-engineered frame design makes the drone strong enough to withstand nearly any flight sustained impact. The center of the drone is covered by a plastic material that slides to the rotor. Other than that, the Sky Viper is equipped with removable housing that protects the blades in crashes.

Battery and Flight Time

With the 650mAh battery, you can fly more and wait less. The battery sits on the underside of the center chunk, with wires leading to the connector. It can last for about 8 to 10 minutes and recharges within 30 minutes. This means you can enjoy repeated flights without long wait times in between. This is double the flight time of other drones in the segment. The battery comes with a wire and a plug for easy connectivity.

When the charge is almost depleted, the lights start blinking. Plus, the drone elevates an inch above the ground without gaining further height. The battery life will depend on how long you wish to keep the camera on. It’s secured in place by a screw that has to be removed when changing it. This stops the kids from accessing the battery. You can also buy extra batteries if need be.

Sky Viper Review

Pros and Cons

Responsive Remote Control

This drone has amazing agility and flight performance.

Enhanced Flight Stabilization

Advanced gyors and flight control system provides stability.

Easy to Fly

Smart controls and guidance control makes it easy to fly.


Price: $99.99
Price Disclaimer

VGA Image Quality

The camera provides low quality image resolition.

Short Control Range

The control range is limited, but still of decent range.

Low End Performance

The performance is good but could be better.

Drone Camera

The built-in camera captures good photos, but the colors are a bit flat. For the price, you can’t expect much when it comes to image quality. With this in mind, the photos may look blurry if the drone is not perfectly still. Some drones are fitted with adjustable HD camera for a true bird’s eye view experience. You can also capture-360 degree panoramic views with the touch of a button. The drone will hover in one place taking about 7 seconds to do a full rotation.

The Sky Viper comes with a memory card that captures up to 20 minutes of flight footage. If you want to do aerial photography, you may want to swap the 4GB micro SD card with a 32GB memory card. To load the recordings on your computer you need a micro USB cable. You can also record the video on your phone using the Sky Viper app which is available for Android devices.

Drone Controller

The controller offers unmatched flight range by communicating to the drone using 2.4 GHz WiFi connection. To fly the drone, you can use one finger and a simple joystick. Not only that, you can adjust the controller responsiveness to match your piloting skills. If you accidentally fly out of range, the auto-shut feature lands the drone safely. The adjustable controls are suitable for beginners and experienced pilots.

Every button on the controller is well-labeled, considering only a few people read instructions these days. There are over 10 separate buttons, but half of them are ignored most of the time. The Sky Viper GPS streaming drone version includes a phone holder that latches on top of the controller. The spring holds the phone in place.

With a hit of a button, you have the power to perform breathtaking stunts as the drone zooms through the sky. However, flipping a few feet to the ground can lead to crash. There are two control sticks that dominate the remote not to mention the power switch at the center. When you push the stick up, the rotor speed increases and the drone elevates.

The controller notifies the user when taking photos and videos by beeping. You’ll hear one beep when capturing a photo and continuous beeps when taking videos. The controller also features state-of-the-art flight assist and auto range for an ultimate flying experience.


Sky Viper Review Video

Flight Performance

The Sky Viper is easy to fly thanks to the responsive controls. It comes with three flight modes; beginner, intermediate and advanced. This makes the drone suitable for kids and adults. On the other hand, the pilot can take control of maneuverability. The only downside is that it’s not able to fly properly in windy conditions. Even the most advanced drone flyers face this challenge.

The viper has a range of 200 meters and a flight time of 10 minutes. This doesn’t sound a lot but is definitely long for such an inexpensive drone. It’s enough to enjoy a long-distance flight. Most drones will give 5 to 8 minutes of flight time. As an added bonus, the drone can be customized. You can use a network of satellites to determine its position in terms of coordinates. The four blades offer maximum aerial control. It might be a tiny drone but comes with sophisticated technology.

Once you are ready to land, you can let the hardware do its work. The smoothness of the air makes it a decent toy drone, especially in calm flying conditions. The Sky Viper is more about stability than speed. Beginners can navigate the drone with a bit of practice. There is minimal assembly required before hitting the air. Thankfully, it’s possible to achieve the minimum speed of 17mph with this drone.

Sky Viper Drone Review Summary

The Sky Viper is a great little drone that is durable enough to manage crushes. With a 200-foot flying range and the ability to take 360-degree videos, you definitely want to take this drone outside. Although it doesn’t handle well in wind or breezes, it’s intuitive to fly. That said, the strong polypropylene body justifies the amazing price tag. Its camera component can be removed to make it more adaptable to stunts and maneuverability.

If you are a drone enthusiast looking for an inexpensive and agile drone to fly, you should consider the Sky Viper.


Sky Viper Drone

Streaming Video Drone

Price: $99.99
Price Disclaimer

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