The Quadcopter Syma X5HW Review


100 m Control Range

2 hour Recharge

10 min Flight Time

0.3 MP Camera

As I am a big fan of quadcopters, I keep in regular touch with what is happening in this field. I am really excited about the prospect of having a closer look at the Syma X5HW. This is an update of the previous version and therefore I would find it easy to compare and find out as to what are the additional features and functions which this model offers. While there are quite a few interesting takeaways, I believe that altitude hold is the key which sets this apart from the previous versions and also many other similar models on the market today. Hence, I would like to spend some time doing a complete Syma X5HW review so that readers are able to have a clear understanding as to the various features which it offers. It perhaps will also help them to make a buying decision based on facts and figures.

Overall Features And Functions

While altitude maintenance, control systems, safety, and duration of flight, are all important points, I was quite impressed with the overall look and feel of the Syma X5HW quadcopter. It comes with a fresh and appealing new color scheme which is very catchy and attractive to the eyes. It has a white and lime green combination or one could also choose another combination of black with pastel blue. Both are unique in their own ways. Apart from changes to color, I found that the design and ergonomics are almost the same as the previous version of Syma quadcopters.

Build Quality And Durability

I am reasonably happy with the build quality and I believe that it has been designed to take some rough knocks along the way. It comes with prop guards made from thinner plastics to protect damage to the quadcopter and it also has convenient dimension of 330x300x100 mm and weighs just around 127 grams, including camera, battery and prop guards. Therefore, it is conveniently sized and easy to operate.

I am also quite pleased with the flight features and the altitude hold option has impressed me a lot. It also allows me to engage in 3D flips and I can operate the quadcopter even in a headless mode. It offers me the option of operating it in two flight speeds, low and high.

Syma X5HW Review

Pros and Cons

Stable Flight Performance

The advaned sensors and guidance system provides stability.

Altitude Hold

Barometric sensors allow the flight height to be fixed.

Good Camera Quality

It may not be 4K quality, but the images are sure to impress.


Slight Video Lag

The FPV video stream can be a bit slow at times.

Low Flight Times

The batteyr could be improved to give some more flying time.

Proprietary Battery Connector

This does not allow an off the shelf battery to be used.


Drone Camera

The camera comes with a resolution of 0.3 MP as far as stills are concerned, the video resolution is 640x480 pixels and it certainly is able to offer crystal clear still images and video images. The still images come in JPG format while the digital and video images are in 3GP format.

The camera is controllable easily with the help of a remote and the control distance is approximately 50 to 100 meters. The camera has an inbuilt WiFi FPV transmitter which helps to get some decent quality images. You cannot, however expect to get razor sharp images and videos.

Flight Performance

The previous version of Syma X5W was notorious for not being able to handle flight in windy conditions. I have a feeling that this problem has been overcome as far as X5HW model is concerned. Even if the wind conditions are moderate I find that the quadcopter is able to handle moderate wind conditions quite easily and this certainly is a big plus for those undertaking a comprehensive Syma X5HW review.

Flight Time And Battery Charge

The 3.7 V 500 mAh Li Po battery is quite powerful. It takes around 120 minutes to get charged fully. Once fully recharged it remains air borne for around five to seven minutes which is at the lower end of flight times. I am sure not many would like to wait for two hours to recharge the quadcopter and then enjoy it for just ten minutes at the most. Extra batteries are a must.


Syma X5HW Review Video


Flight Control

It is quite easy to control the quadcopter. It comes with a control joy stick. Alternately you could also go in for downloading the control application on your mobile phone. Once done the app can be activated and you can control the quadcopter using your mobile phone.

Compared to other models of Syma X series, I find that the X5HW has quite a bit of flight stability. It has two different speed modes, fast and slow. Though the slow mode is aggressive when compared to previous models, I did not find it too difficult to handle. I could even get into a more aggressive flying mode by removing the prop guards, camera and landing legs and it can literally transform itself into a lively and exciting sports flier. However, it is not as fast as the X5SW.

Though it is capable of performing automated flips, I found that it is a bit quirky and does call for some bit of practice. The quadcopter will rise in the air slightly before performing these automated flips. However, I found that the automated flips work fine in indoor environment where the winds are calm and easily manageable. Doing it outdoor would certainly require the wind conditions to be stable and manageable.

Headless mode is another option which I like quite a bit. It is easy to change from normal mode to headless mode using either the remote or the mobile phone app. When this mode is activated, the quadcopter will act and move according the headless mode instructions and the orientation of front, back and other such directions will become irrelevant. It certainly will make exciting flying and I for one am a big fan of this mode.

Syma X5HW Review Summary

Though the Syma X5hW is certainly a big improvement on the previous versions, I do have some reservations as far as stability factor in reasonably strong winds are concerned. I would continue to insist that it is more suitable for indoor use. However, for flips and other such aggressive flying, being outdoors would always be a better option.

The cameras, both still and video are decent though you cannot expect the best quality images. The overall controls are quite good and the altitude hold feature is one of the main features which I believe makes this quadcopter a good buy. On the whole there are reasons to believe that I am buying a flying machine that is suitable for any child above the age of twelve and therefore it does offer decent value for money.


Syma X5HW

FPV HD Technology

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