The Quadcopter Syma X5UW Review


100 m Control Range

1 hour Recharge

10 min Flight Time

1 MP Camera

If you are looking for a quadcopter, there are many available in the current market, with many options to choose from. Some of them come with the similar design, color, and features with a few differences. You need to do a proper research to buy the best one. Hopefully this Syma X5UW review will help you.

If you want improved performance, a developed camera, and easy landing and takeoff, you might think of buying Syma X5UW. It has the 720p FPV camera, upgraded body design, 6-axis gyro technology to fly in all conditions including at night and in light and moderate wind.

Moreover, it is affordable and comes with many advanced features that include automatic takeoff and landing, HD camera, free SYMA GO application, video game inspired remote control, sleek body style, app control, attitude hold, HD Wifi Real-Time Transmission Aerial, headless mode, and durable battery life.

It has a unique remote control that enables the users to fly their drone even without the transmitter. You will have a lot of fun while flying at night as it comes with colorful LED lights.

It can be a great option for both the beginner and experienced pilot. If you are interested to know more about the Syma X5UW, you can go through the following Syma X5UW review. The Syma X5UW review will focus on all the details to help you to take the right decision with a well-informed mind.

Build Quality and Materials

It is well-built and offers a durable design build. It is made of plastic material that makes it lightweight, but strong. Besides, it is resistant to corrosion and water. The design is impressive and will definitely be noticed. You will love the red color, stylish, and sleek design. The battery will also fit perfectly into the slot without any need of unsightly connectors and plugs.

The camera will also fit well with the battery door. It is equipped with HD cameras. You can control the aircraft while taking the pictures and videos of your flights. It is equally easy to control the flight.

You can simply open the SYMA GO app to fly your drone. You need to use the flight at the fingertips. It comes with the autopilot. You just need to draw the route on the screen, and you are done.

It will fly about seven to nine minutes with one charging, and it will take about 2 hours to fully charge the battery.

Syma X5UW Review

Pros and Cons

Great Flight Features

Advaned flight controls supported by advanced sensors.

Nice Design

The sleek design makes this drone aesthetically appealing.

Multiple Control Modes

This drone supports multiple flight advanded flight modes.


Price: $79.90
Price Disclaimer

Proprietary Flight Battery

You have to use a Syma batttery, and not one off of the shelf.

Slow FPV Rate

The video feed could be a bit faster to provide better imagery.

Low Control Range

The control range could be increased to give better performance.

Additional Features

Syma X5UW comes with a new battery design. You will find a separate compartment built into the craft for the placement of the batteries. The battery is a 500 mAh 3.7v LiPo. It takes around two hours to be fully charged. It comes with a charging station that allows you to charge three batteries at a time.

It has the standard EPV camera that will enable the user streaming live videos to the smartphone directly. All the images and videos will be stored on a micro SD card. The camera is removable. If you want you can remove the camera to save battery power.

The pictures and the videos are of the best quality in a good lighting condition. The pictures might be grainy in the darker condition. The video and picture quality is not at the high end, so don’t be too disappointed with the results.

Camera Controls

The quadcopter comes with an HD camera that will enable the user to control the aircraft while taking pictures and videos. Besides, it has a micro SD slot comes with the 4GB memory card. That means the recorded videos will be stored directly on the camera without using the smartphone to capture the videos. Both the videos and photos will have the resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.

It is easy to connect and control the camera. You can simply turn your drone on first and then open the app and press the start button on your app. It will connect immediately. You will able to take the pictures and record the videos.


Syma X5UW Review Video

Flight Performance

The motors of this quadcopter are very powerful. It pushes the drone up to the vertical height of 40-50 meters. The horizontal range will be around 80 to 100 meters. Besides, it has the inbuilt six-axis gyroscope that will enable the user to respond to the precise movements sent by the controller.

The controller works on the 4 channel 2.4 GHz band. The left-hand joystick of the controller will control the speed and right hand will control the distance. You can also use your phone as the drone controller using the app. Besides, you will have to adjust the throttle slowly to avoid any damage due to loss of control.

It comes with the easy flight takeoff and landing with a single push of the button. For the flight, you just need to open the Syma Go app. You will have to sketch the route on the screen and it will fly with the autopilot. You can control the movements by using the controller as mentioned earlier.

Speed and Agility

You will enjoy flying Syma X5UW. It come with speed ranges, high and low. Both of these ranges work well. If you are a beginner, you can go with the low speed. After more practice, you can go with the fast speed mode. For the experienced, high speed will be the right choice. The high speed is more agile and responsive.

Syma X5UW Review Summary

Syma X5UW can be the right option for those looking for an inexpensive product with some advanced features. It is easy to fly and easy to control as well. Though the image quality is not very high, it is still of standard quality and you cannot expect the best pictures with such price.

The controlling features are cool. You can simply manage it from your smartphone. Moreover, it comes with easy landing and takeoff with a single push of the button. All these features make it a good option for the beginner and experienced drone pilots.


Syma X5UW Drone

HD Camera Quadcopter

Price: $79.90
Price Disclaimer

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