The Quadcopter UPair One Review


1 km Control Range

2 hour Recharge

15 min Flight Time

2K Camera

Upair one is a drone which allows you to program it so that it can follow a predetermined route. You may be wondering on how it is possible, but it is very easy. You download an Android or iPhone app and start enjoying endless adventures with the drone. If there is a specific area where you need to take aerial photos, you can easily do so with the help of the drone. This UPair One review outlines the amazing features of this drone.

There is no fear of the system crashing, you can just draw a route where it will precisely follow and take photos. The battery power is remarkable. You can enjoy flying it for up to 18 minutes on a single charge. It charges fast for you to continue your outdoor adventures. The material choice is up to standards so that you can always enjoy peace of mind while flying the drone.

Auto Landing Capability

To make the drone a great choice for beginners, it has an auto landing mode. The mode works automatically. You have to choose the landing position and follow simple prompts on the screen. Even if you are flying the drone in an area where there are high chances it can crash and spoil, the auto landing mode makes things easy for you.

You are free to use the auto landing mode and flight planning modes so that your drone flying experience will be free from incidences. Safety while flying the drone is taken into consideration. You invest your money in a gadget which will serve you for long.


UPair One Review

Pros and Cons

Excellent Control Range

Fly this drone out as far as 1km to capture your videos.

Durable Construction

The tough plastic chasis design will last you a lifetime of flying.

High Quality Camera

The gimbaled camera will provide smooth and stable images.


Price: $349.99
Price Disclaimer

Low Flight Time

The battery efficiency could be increased to get better flying time.

Low Control Range

As good as the control rage is, it could be made better.

Affected by Winds

The control system needs to be improved to handle winds.

Follow Me Mode

If you decide to choose the follow me mode, the drone will fly in a restricted radius. In this mode it can only fly in a radius of 10 meters. It is a measure taken to ensure you have full control of your drone. If you decide to lend your drone to children, you can employ the mode so that they can enjoy their play time while you know the drone can’t get lost. The camera always faces towards you while flying the drone under the follow me mode. It is a great opportunity to photograph yourself from the sky.

Flight Route Planning

With Upair one you have freedom to use your mobile phone as a controller for the drone to automatically fly. After you select the mode, the app will display an area on your mobile phone screen so that you can select the departure and arrival point. The drone will then follow your selected points and fly until the final destination. If you are looking for a drone which you can automatically fly, then going for Upair one is the best decision. It is a drone made to assure you the best operation possible.

Use of mobile technology has been put to test in the manufacture of the drone. Even if you will like to undertake a complex maneuver, you can just draw the path and your drone will follow it.

Auto Take-off Feature

When the manufacturers indicated the drone is an automatic system, they mean it. You can select the auto takeoff feature and the drone will hover three meters above the ground. It makes things easy for you if it is your first time coming across a drone. Your family members will enjoy the fun as the drone hovers above your backyard.

Battery Charge Controls

Some of the aspects which can make your drone battery wear off after a short while are the tendency to overcharge and discharge. But, the use of the latest technology in the manufacture of the drone ensures the drone battery is safeguarded from overcharging.

You are sure of long life due to the safety measures put in place. If you can go an extra mile and undertake the safety measures provided, you can enjoy using the drone for a long time thereby maximizing the value for your money.


UPair One Review Video

PVC Composite Materials

The use of PVC composite materials in the fuselage ensures the drone can fly for long without wearing out. Durability is guaranteed due to the choice of quality materials in the construction. If you are looking for a drone which can serve you for a long time, then you need to check out the Upair one. Careful selection of materials on different parts makes the drone among the best you can ever come across in the market.

Battery Capacity

Embarrassing moments where your drone will run out of charge after a short while will be no more. The construction of the drone is up to standards to assure you the best operation possible. You can fly the drone for over 18 minutes in a single charge.

Even though the battery has high charge storage capacity, the smart technology avoids overcharging it so that it can last longer.

U-shape Anhedral Design

The design of the drone is aimed at enhancing its stability and GPS signal accessibility. First, you should buy a device which you can be proud to handle. The designers took time to come up with a beautiful drone so that you can always enjoy flying it. The design caters for both aesthetic as well as signal accessibility. You will always access the best signal on your mobile phone so that you can easily control the drone.

UPair One Review Summary

If you are looking for a system you can use in your photography work, then you can enjoy using the drone in hard to reach areas. You will just draw the route to areas where you are to take the photos and the camera drone will fly to those areas so that you can take the photos.

From our Upair one review, you will note the drone is easy to fly. You can just utilize the automatic features and the drone will do almost everything for you. Cases where the drone can get lost are very minimal; it has excellent signal reception and can perform different functions automatically.

The automated system eliminates most human errors while flying your drone. If you are searching for an automatic drone which can serve you well, then we recommend for you the Upair one. It is a system which can serve you well.


UPair One Drone

High Tech Flying Camera

Price: $349.99
Price Disclaimer

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