The Quadcopter Walkera F210 Review


400m Control Range

2 hour Recharge

8 min Flight Time

700 TVL Camera

Drones are a great source of fun especially the racing models. The growing drone technology has introduced a good number of models in the market. A quality racing drone should be highly featured and well designed. The flight performance is very crucial for racing drones. People are also looking for drones which are easy to control. The Walkera F210 is an exceptional model designed for racing purposes. Read on for more of this Walkera F210 review.

F210’s fast flight performance makes it suitable for your adventure and sporting needs. It features a robust and cash proof design. The construction consists of a special airframe which offers durability. Powerful motors ensure a highly reliable performance. It comes with multiple fly modes. This model can perform impressive air stunts. The battery life is also outstanding. It is a competitive model, ideal for FPV racers. This discussion provides categorical product features.


Walkera F210 features a modular design where everything is plug-and-play compatible. The ESC’s slotted pin system connects to the main power board. This eliminates the need for connecting wires. The racer is placed 210 mm between the motor shafts. This model features 5-inch props. The frame is made of carbon fiber and the frontal parts are made of aluminum. This prevents parts from falling apart after crashing.

The interior features a dedicated board on which a flight controller and circuit system are mounted. This board holds an on-screen display and the FPV transmitter. This keeps sensitive components safe from the vulnerable exterior. The plastic motor guards also protect the outer edges of the frame.
The ESC’s are plugged into the main body thus allowing you to remove them easily. You can simply unscrew them a and make replacements.

It comes with both rear and front mounted LEDs. The ones on the rear are colored differently. The horizontal status bar has 4 zones with 2 red and 6 yellow LEDs. They indicate when the copter is armed or disarmed as well as its movements. This feature comes in handy while flying in poorly lit areas. The battery status can be viewed on the on-screen display. This screen can be turned on and off using a switch placed underneath. The back of the Walkera F210 comes with a 200 MW VTX. Video transmission is supported by a CloverLeaf 5.8G Mushroom Antenna. The design is very sleek and compact.

Walkera F210 Review

Pros and Cons

Excellent Control Range

Fly this drone out as far as 400m to capture your videos.

Solid Construction

Solid construction using durable materials and finishing.

FPV Video Feed

Use FPV goggles to get the first person view as you fly.

Price: $329.00
Price Disclaimer

Low Flight Time

The battery efficiency could be increased to get better flying time.

Not for Amateurs

This drone is not suitable for beginners and new fliers.

Rough Design

This isn’t the greatest looking drone, but has high performance.


Battery and Flight Time

This drone is powered using the 4S type 1300mAh battery. The standard rating is 14.8 volts. This is high enough to keep a racing-motor running. It lasts between 7 and 9 minutes with a single charge. This depends on the flying style and flight aggressiveness. The nonremovable battery takes a while to be charged. There is a buzzer which beeps when the voltage drops significantly.


The Walkera F210 features an HD camera unit with the ability to focus in darkness. The camera is designed with low light technology thus allowing the quadcopter to fly at night undetected. It uses 120-degree super-vision type lenses which provide a wider field of view. It has different recording modes depending on the preferred flying style.

This camera provides detailed picture information even in poorly lit areas. This allows you to enjoy racing the drone anytime with peak performance.
Photosensitive sensors are used to adjust display settings automatically. It ensures more concentration by eliminating minor adjustments. This camera is suitable for people who like taking latest and fast-flight images.


This model comes with the F3 Flight Controller. It is can be connected to the clean fight software installed on your PC. This allows you to adjust and calibrate the controller according to flight modes of PIDs. The controller is pre-tuned which means it can be used straight from the box. However, experts can set unique flight control parameters.

The racing controller is provided in two modules. You can choose either a DEVO 7 or a DEVO 10. The latter comes with a color display and more settings. DEVO 7 model is perfect when you need simple features like Expo and Dual Rate. This universal transmitter handles aircraft movements with ease. You can also use a number of advanced settings for flight control. You can shift between different flight modes easily using the 3-position mix. The LCD screen displays controller settings.


Walkera F210 Review Video


Flight Performance

F210 features three flight modes. These are advanced, intermediate and stabilize. The default stabilize mode is great for beginners who are learning to control the drone. The intermediate mode can perform a number of impressive rolls. You can use the advanced mode after gaining enough experience. It is recommended for racing championships. Experts can switch between any of these modes.

This is a very agile and stable drone. Walkera F210 responds very fast to controls. The motors stop almost instantly when you push the throttle to the lowest position. It is capable of reaching 80 km/h and travel as far as 800m, with full throttle.

Accessories and Packages

The package also includes a trainer cable for use with the transmitter. There is also a balanced battery charger. There is one set of spare propellers, 2 CW, and 2 CCW design. The package includes a propeller wrench and two hex keys used for installation. An anti-sliding rubber band for the battery is also included. There is a micro USB data cable and a quick start guide. The latter allows you to attach different parts and explore drone settings.

The Walkera F210 racing quad comes in different packages. The ARF package comes without a battery, transmitter and OSD module. BNF package comes with the battery without a transmitter. The full package includes a Devo 7 transmitter.

Walkera F210 Review Summary

The Walkera F210 looks compact and durable. It is agile, stable, fast and can be controlled easily. The LED lights and beeping sounds offer a seamless flying experience. It has a powerful battery which lasts long. Charging accessories are also provided. The camera captures more details even in dark and cloudy areas. There are multiple modes compatible with different lighting conditions.

You can choose from two reliable controllers. This drone is very responsive and allows you to perform different stunts. It also covers travels a long distance. F210 comes in three packages which are easy to install and use. This sleek and powerful FPV drone is worth the investment.


Walkera F210 Drone

Sleek Racing Drone

Price: $329.00
Price Disclaimer

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