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What is a quadcopter?

The basics of quadcopter design and flight

How to fly a quadcopter

Tips to flying your quadcopter

Flying Rules and Regulations

Be aware of the rules for flying a quadcopter

Best Quadcopter Reviews

Do you feel the need for speed, or want to take some incredible aerial video? Then welcome to the world of radio controlled drones. Quadcopters are an incredible piece of technology that are mechanically simple and really fun to fly. However, picking the best quadcopter for you can be difficult because there are so many options to consider. To make your decision easier, we research and analyze the latest and best quadcopters available today. From our research, we provide you with advice and reviews on each of these drones so that you can pick the best quadcopter for you.


Things to Consider Before Buying a Quadcopter

Skill Level

This is the most important factor to consider. If you have never flown a quadcopter before, then you need to get a quadcopter for a beginner, and learn how to fly. When you are learning to fly, you are going to crash your quadcopter many, many times. Some of these are going to be very hard crashes. So you need a quadcopter that can take this punishment. You do not want to be crashing a drone worth a few hundred dollars, so you do not the best quadcopter. Be honest with yourself regarding the skill level of your quadcopter flying ability.


You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars to enter the world of radio controlled quadcopters. It is possible to get a starter quadcopter for approximately 50 dollars. As you look to quadcopters with more features, then the price scales with every additional option such as GPS, longer range, smarter onboard flight computer, HD camera capability, FPV, and additional sensors. The mid-range price of quadcopters is a few hundred dollars, with advanced quadcopters obviously costing more.



It is important that you understand what you what to do with your drone. If you are looking for a drone that is easy to fly, then you do not need an expensive quadcopter with GPS and a HD camera. You will be better off with a drone for a beginner. However, if you eventually want to shoot aerial video, then you will want an advanced quadcopter with a camera. So visualize what you plan on doing with your drone, and keep this in mind as you plan your quadcopter purchase.

Rules and Regulations

You may think of a quadcopter as a toy, but your government aviation authority does not. There are rules to flying that extend to the operation of a quadcopter. Most of these are common sense, but you need to be aware of them. Also, if you live in the USA, you need to be aware of the registration requirements for flying a drone. Other countries are adopting regulations for aerial drones, so be sure to check before you fly.

Battery and Flight Time

The flight times for a starter quadcopter is about 8 to 12 minutes, while higher end drones can fly for 15 to 25 minutes. If you anticipate flying longer than these times, you should consider buying extra batteries and chargers for your quadcopters, especially since most batteries take at least an hour to charge. These are not that expensive, and you should buy the extra batteries when you get your quadcopter to avoid flight time disappointment. However, do not endlessly fly your drone. It is best to let it rest for 5 minutes between batteries, so you do not overhead the motors.

Extra Parts

No matter how experienced of a pilot you are, you are eventually going to crash your quadcopter. As your flying experience increases, the crashes will happen less, but you can still expect a few. Knowing this, you should check how easy it is to get extra parts for your drone. Almost all quadcopters, from the cheapest to the most expensive, come with extra propellers. With extended use, you may need to replace a motor, or another part due to a break caused by a crash. Check the drone manufacturer website for how to order extra parts.

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Quadcopter Terminology

There are a few terms that are specific to quadcopters that you should know when deciding which is the best quadcopter for you to purchase. This is not a comprehensive list, since there are many more terms.
RTF – Ready to Fly: A drone that is ready to fly out of the box, and requires no assembly. However, the battery may need to be charged
ARF – Almost Ready to Fly – sometimes ARTF: A drone that requires some minor assembly (such as attaching the propellers)
BNF – Blind and Fly: A drone that does not come with a controller
FPV – First person view: A drone that is equipped with a camera, and has a live video feed. The view from the camera can be seen on a LCD screen, or using FPV goggles.
RTH – Return to Home: A feature that at the push of a button, the drone automatically flies back to where it launched, or the controller.
Follow Me: The drone will automatically follow the controller. This is a great feature for action sports.

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Quadcopter FAQs

How high can a quadcopter fly?

Theoretically, you can fly a quadcopter high enough that you can no longer see it. However, do not do this. Always fly your quadcopter under 400 feet, and with visual range at all times.

How far can a quadcopter fly?

The range on a quadcopter varies from model to model, however you always want to fly your quadcopter within visual range.

What happens when the battery dies?

Even on the most inexpensive drones, there is an indicator that tells you that your battery is almost done. Either the LED lights on the quadcopter will start flashing, or there is a battery level warning on the controller. So you will have time to land your quadcopter before the battery dies.

Do I have to register my quadcopter?

If you live in the USA, and your drone weights more than 0.55 lbs, then yes. The registration link is UAS Registration. If you live outside of the USA, please check with your appropriate governmental body.

Is a quadcopter hard to fly?

It does take a bit of practice to get used to flying a quadcopter. For some, the controls will not be intuitive, and it will take some time before getting the hang of flying. Check out our article How to fly a Drone Quadcopter

What is a brushless motor?

The quick and dirty answer is that brushless motors experience less wear, last longer, and are generally more reliable than non-brushless motors.

What if my quadcopter lands on water?

Bad news. Quadcopters, with few exceptions, are not waterproof, and will sink in water. Best advice is not to fly over water.

How do I trim my quadcopter?

On the controller, the sticks control the throttle, yaw, pitch and roll. There is a trim button for each of these commands on the controller. When you take off, if you see your drone drifting in a particular motion, apply trim in the opposite direction until the drift stops.

What is low and high rate or mode?

Most quadcopters come with at least a low and high rate mode. Low rate reduces the responsiveness, and the maximum speed of the quadcopter. This good for indoor flying, or for beginners. High rate removes this restriction, and gives you the maximum quadcopter maneuverability, and performance.

Can you fly a quadcopter at night?

Yes. Almost all quadcopters come with LEDs, so you can see them in the dark.

Can I fly a quadcopter on a windy day?

That depends on what quadcopter you are planning on getting. Obviously the smaller ones do not have enough mass or motor power to handle winds. Most mid-sized and larger quadcopters can handle a light breeze.

What is 3 axis gyro vs a 6 axis gyro?

A 3 axis gyro automatically stabilizes the pitch, roll, and yaw of the quadcopter. A 6 axis gyro stabilized quadcopter has 3 additional accelerometers that provide faster correction of attitude displacement compared to a 3 axis gyro.

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